Abreva For Cracked Corners Of Mouth

Can Abreva Treat Other Sores Abreva FAQ

Can Abreva® be used to treat genital herpes, canker sores, or shinglesé Can I use this on the cracks that form in the corners of my mouthé Abreva® cream is indicated only for the treatmentof cold sores caused by Herpes Simplex Virus Type 1.

How Long to Use Abreva For Abreva FAQ

Can I use Abreva® cream longer than 10 daysé No, it is not recommended to use Abreva®cream longer than 10 days. Also, it could be the sign of a more serious infection. Youshould contact your if your cold sore has not healed within 10 days while usingAbreva® cream. Having a look at it will ensure that you receive an updated diagnosisand possibly additional treatment.

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