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(Music) Hi, my name is Tash. I was referredto Jaudy several weeks ago, and came in with longterm chronic diarrhea, or chron's,is what they diagnosed me at. I have been to every kind of you can imagine, and I haven't seen any of the same resultsthat I've seen here with Jaudy in the last five sessions that I've had.This is my. chronic diarrhea has significantly reduced in the urgency

that I used to have, and, as well as theconsistency has become more formed, and Jaudy is different in the way that he really knows his stuff, and he projects that confidence and explainseverything, what he's doing, every line on the lab report, every muscle he's pushing or testing, he's saying, what's it doing. He tells you what's your body's doing, though you can't feel it, he can,

and he knows, so that makes him reallyunique. He is an expert in this area of remapping. In my condition of chron's, what Jaudy has told me is that brain is not communicating with thedigestion. The digestion is not communicating with the brain, and thosepathways are blocked. So what he does is, he goes in and unblocks them through manipulation of the meridians, thepathways leading to the digestion. After the firsttreatment,

the sense urgency was gone, on the first day. It was unbelievable.The second day, third days, pretty much the same, no urgency again. Diarrhea, chronic diarrhea. and he askedevery day my status, which was quite nice, not just assuming, and then he worked on specific areas. of the body that directly related to thedigestion and the communication between the

pathways of the brain and the digestion. When you're in a desperate state, after many years of suffering with thesame condition and going to different s and having them treat you one way, and not having the results you expect, you get a little discouraged, and then I would say to people that havebeen suffering for a long time, is that this is new, but its something to be open to,

and I was skeptical at first because I'vebeen to so many s, and this turned me around. At five days its. now, I'm like, okay, I can see it, I can feel it. I know something's happening, and it's nota promise that I ever had with any other . I travel all the way from Bellingham,Washington on a referral, and read the website and got a real intuition that this is where I want to try, and I am very happy.

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