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lauren ooh there's a bug john is he aliveé lauren maybe that's why you're supposed to wash it lauren sick. lauren uh oh i just lost the bug. it went inside the floret. lauren hey guys it's lauren john and john lauren from hot for food and today we are gonna make

lauren one of our most popular recipes for you. john it's the cauliflower buffalo wings. john BUT today we're gonna do things a little bit different john we're gonna do cauliflower buffalo wings, john and barbeque buffalo wings, lauren and salt and vinegar wings. lauren so you're gonna start with a whole head of cauliflower lauren cauliflower heads can be this big,

lauren and sometimes they're like this big cos they're probably GMO. lauren so when we say use one head of cauliflower, lauren we're like, okay, generally one head of cauliflower lauren is around the same size. lauren and that's how much batter we're making lauren but as you go along you may need to put a little more batter in the bowl lauren but it's very simple. lauren this is one of the easiest recipes you can kind of improvise as you go

lauren but we're gonna address some of the issues people have lauren i.e. sticking to the baking pan, all of these things that we literally have never experienced, lauren so i don't know what you're doing wrong in the kitchen. john too much talky, not enough baky lauren okay, fine, let's cut. john this is probably one of the first things lauren ever john made for me that was like me kind of being john like quot;i'm craving *blank*quot; john which is how a lot of recipes on the blog kinda come to be

john it was probably that stupid story like when i was in college john i went to this all you can eat wing place and i told her that i ate like john 50 buffalo wings in one sitting lauren eww john and then she was like, let's. did you already know cauliflower was a good substituteé lauren yea, i mean we didn't invent cauliflower buffalo wings, john no. lauren they became popular, like around when we started the blog lauren so we just decided to try them and we ended up lauren like figuring out, a good best batter john good, perfect.

lauren and like whatever. cos some people like hardly put any batter on them and they like lauren try to make them super healthy and then they're not even that good, lauren like they look like they're just lauren raw pieces of cauliflower covered in saucejohn with hot sauce. lauren so we put batter on ours, we use flour, lauren and i feel like these, end up getting this texture that is kinda stringy, lauren and meaty like chicken. lauren so your pieces are around this size

Coconut Chutney By VahChef VahRehVah

hello namaste salaamwalekum satsriyakaal welcome back to another session with your VahChef at Vahrehvah . Today will learn to make must have authenticaccompaniment to south indian breakfast the beloved coconut chutney if you wantauthentic come to vahrehvah today let's learn the joys of cooking withraw coconut and master the art of making coconut chutney,Idli or dosaiis never complete without coconut Chutney what makes this Chutney sopopular is the ease of making it and in the morning when you're chasing yourkids to school

you want the best possible chutney anda healthy and nutritious way to send everyone to their work or school day first let me show you the art ofbreaking a coconut. Many people complain that breaking a coconut is messy I used to love breaking a coconutbecause as a kid I used to love drinking coconut water and yes I was a nutcrackerof the house and sometimes as a kid I was a complete nut too now let me show you a trick how to break this coconut. Before breaking the coconut

put the coconut in the freezer for 30minutes this will dislodge the nut in themiddle use a hammer or the backside of a big knife to break the shell as it fallsapart I don't know some crazy chef inventedusing the backside of a big knife to break the coconut and to date I've seen all chef doing this forconvenience but I strongly recommend you to use a hammer so keep hitting the coconut and thecenter part of the coconut gets separated

from the shell when you break away theshell you are left with the coconut which becomes easy as a potato to peel and you have your coconut without the mess another way to dislodge the shell from the inside of the coconut put in a hotoven for 15 minutes and then do the same procedure let's go back to the coconut chutney.coconut chutney is so simple you just need a freshly grated coconut dhaliathat is roasted chana dal or broken cashwe nuts you can use either of them buti like to use both in a combination

because cashew nuts gives nice sweettaste to the coconut, jeera, chopped ginger freshly chopped coriander, urad dalthat is split wash black gram, curry leaves mustard seeds whole red chilli , chopped green chillisalt, hing powder, tamarind in a blender combine all the ingredients few piecesof cashew nuts few roasted channa dal, chopped greenchilli, chopped coriander cumin seeds chopped ginger, grated coconut and addsome water

lastly some salt, now blend the mixtureto a fine paste blend all the ingredients to fine paste and transfer the mixture into a bowl and set aside now to the coconut mixture we will addtadka that is tempering to make the tempering for this coconut chutney.Takesome oil in a hot pan, mustard seeds cumin seeds whole red chilli urad wash Add little hing powder make sure you add very little

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