Petroleum Jelly For Angular Cheilitis

Natural Home Remedies Home Remedy for Chapped Lips

Hi I'm Angela on behalf of Expert Village and right now I am going to show you a home remedies technique for chapped lips. The firststep you need to make is to start understanding the ingredients that are necessary in thechapstick in order to heal your lips. Chapsticks that are all natural are essential in healing.Other chapsticks just have petroleum jelly in them or are concentrated with that. Inall actuality, dry the lips in the end and you become addicted to them. This chapstickhowever is 100 percent natural and if I look on the back all these ingredients are completelynatural with bees wax, coconut oil and sweet almond oil. This is going to heal your lips.Other things that do not heal your lips with

petroleum jelly often they cure cold soresbut people mistake it as being an effective chapstick. If you want to use chapstick andwear lipstick as well, I would recommend to first putting on the chapstick because itwill still cure the lips while you put on the makeup. This is a lip balm. It has a hardsurface. You just need a tiny bit and use it minimally. Just put on your lips but ifyour lips are chapped over the actual lip and it goes into the skin, just put it slightlyover onto the skin and that will heal over.

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