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Hello, I'm Neal Schultz pause and welcome to DermTV. Itching and burning cracks right at the cornersof the mouth is kind of common, it's uncomfortable, and it's calledperléche. Because of the cracks, most people think it's dry skin,but it's not dry skin. It's actually caused by a yeast infection, andit's the same yeast that most women carry in their body and the same yeastthat causes them uncomfortable

itching yeast infections. Because this iscaused by a yeast, it is aggravated by moisture, because yeast thrivein moist areas and closed areas, and this is a perfect setup becauseat the corners of the mouth, the way the lips come together, they causea closed area and, if there's any saliva there, that accounts for additionalmoisture. When people get this, invariably they do two things that makeit worse. The first is, because they consider it to be dry becausethey see a crack, they put a moisturizer on and, again, moisture makesthe yeast grow even more.

Secondly, because it's uncomfortable, andit burns, and it really feels peculiar, a lot of people take the tip oftheir tongue and they go like this. And they do it to test it, to feel it,to see, is the problem still there and, interestingly, people do it veryoften, a couple of times a minute, it's just a natural reflex. So how do we cure this problemé The firstthing is obviously stop licking the corners of your mouth. The second is,get an overthecounter anti yeast medicine, such as Lotrimin which hasclotrimazole as the active

ingredient which is good to fight yeast. Puta little bit on the corners of your mouth four to six times a day, just avery small amount, and then put a little Vaseline or Aquaphor on top so, ifyou do accidentally touch it with the tip of your tongue, the Aquaphoror Vaseline will keep the moisture away from the problem. Give it fourto seven days to cure the problem. If it hasn't done that by thatperiod of time, then you should see a dermatologist who will give you a prescriptionfor an antiyeast in an ointment vehicle which again will help protectagainst additional moisture

which aggravates the problem.


today I'm going to show you what is thebest victim information else's thoughts is as sore as they appear in the mouth often inside of the cheeks mens allsizes can be painful when eating drinking or brushing teeth occasionalmouth ulcers a usually harmless and clear up on their own always seekmedical advice if they last longer than three weeks or keep coming back manysources cannot be caught from someone else up to one in five people get reoccurinmates officers so I'm going to discuss

in more detail the best vitamin productson the market that can help but if you want more information you can alwaysclick here before I tell you how to cure them you need to know what causes makesalsas although the exact cause is not known amounts of all sizes stress ortissue injuries thought to be the main cause of simple may salsas certain foodsincluding citrus or acidic fruits or vegetables such as lemons orangespineapples apples figs to matters in strawberries can trigger a massive ulceror make the problem worse sometimes a dental appliance such as braces orillfitting dentures might also trigger

make salsas some cases of complex makesalsas are caused by an underlying medical health condition such as animpaired immune system nutritional problems such as vitamin b12folic acid iron deficiency and gastrointestinal tract disease such asCrohn's disease CVD mins deserves special mention that's vitamin b12deficiency or lack of vitamin b12 causes the body to produce abnormally large redblood cells I cannot function properly an iron deficiency where lack of iron inyour blood leads to a reduction in the amount of oxygen reaching your organsand tissues also is worth mentioning if

you quit smoking you may also developmakes also oversees usually temporary so what is the best victim informationsources were here is mono Plex Plex is a canker sore supplement for make salsassores and blisters it contains vitamin b12 and iron which we've just talkedabout and it also includes zinc folic acid glutamine in life's in thesesupplements and vitamins in known to treat pain at the time of makingthis tutorial multiplex as 57 reviews with the vastmajority being positive it has a rating of four and a half stars out of five sothere's going to be more detail about

this product so it's a canker sorenatural supplement and assists recovery and lessons occurrence of make salsas hecan avoiding get rid of cold sores and prevent further infections it promotesor health and strengthens make protection against diseases itsstrong formulation of vitamin b12 iron and vitamin C addresses bodydeficiencies which can trigger canker sores and it's an all natural goodalternative for expensive mag sprays toothpaste cream and ointment so if youlike to know more about these products and read the reviews get moreinformation know the best place to

purchase it and please click on the linknow and you can read real reviews from real people hope this tutorial was helpfuland thanks for watching and boyfriend.

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