Can Angular Cheilitis Go Away On Its Own

Introduction to Fastingmov

Hi, I'm Loren Lockman.I'm the director of the Tanglewood Wellness Center Here in Tanglewood for the last 14 yearswe've taken more than 2000 people through a water only fast,a supervised water fast If you've come across this tutorial you may be thinking: quot;fastingé Well that sounds radicalquot; and you know, it sounds radicalfor most people when they hear this for the first time it certainly sounded radical to me too What happened to me was just having gotout of college and I got really sick within 6 months and worse with 3 years above cocaine,I didn't know what to do

but I realised that after 3 years of fastgoing I got well it was gonna be forever on my own because I wasn't getting any helpfrom the medical system I finally realised that if I made radical changesto my diet, changes that don't seem so radical now but back then did and that, by the way, consisted ineliminating all processed food from my diet and all animals products from my diet, and then getting my body as clean and efficient as possible with water fasting what happened to me was I began to experiencean incredible level of health and vitality

mental clarity, and this small things have beenseverely lucky for about 3 years Today, may years later I can tell you why that it's the case because now it's been more than 24 years sinceI've been sick every single day. And I've worked with more of 4000 peoplefrom 32 countries to help them achieve amazing levels of health and vitality. What each of us has in common is that our systems had become burdened with toxins from all different sources. From air pollution, water pollution and poor food choices and after the body is on starts to waste products,and when the body becomes burdened with these

toxins we cease to function very well this is all exacerbated by the fact the average person is significantly, chronicly dehydrated and because water is the universal transportmedium, when we're not hydrated the body is unable to cleanse and heal itselfas it used to be able to do when we were younger and so as I talked about it in a tutorialhere on ageing as we get older is not the years but the accumulation of toxins and dehydrationthat actually create the problem So fasting is so powerful simply because the bodylike any other organism is completely selfhealing and selfcleansing,the key is to create the conditions that allow the body

to cleanse and heal itself, and most of the timethose conditions are not present because for the average person we spend so much energy on processed food everyday and this is regardless to what we eat,we're still spending up to 50% of our energy everyday processing our food, this is becausethe body is already overwhelmed with toxins, this is because in everything else we're doing there isn't simply much energy available to cleanse and heal on a basis,so the average person becomes smore and more toxic and more dehydrated over time, and inevitableresults of constantly supressing symptoms as we do everytime we get sick is we become even more toxic still

So, what's available to usé When I talk to peopleabout creating this incredible high level of health most of people say: quot;well I'm pretty healthyquot;,and this is true almost regardless to what's going on I remember a few years ago, actually about 10 years ago, I was dancing at a location outside of Washington, DC, one friday night, and a really young woman I was dancing with she asked me what did I do,I answer I run a wellness center and she said: quot;you probably recommend a vegetarian diet, don't youéquot; and I said: quot;That's a good startquot;, she said: quot;Well, I'm vegetarian, I'm perfectly healthyquot; quot;That's truequot;, and the next time I spoke with hermaybe half an hour later

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