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Are Essential Oils Good For Candida

Thank you for tuning into this tutorial today.Today we're going to talk a little bit about essential oils and Candida. I have a questionhere from a lady called Lisa in Italy. Lisa wants to know if essential oils are any goodfor yeast infections. They are, Lisa. In fact, there are many different kinds of essentialoils that you can use to counter Candida. In fact, in 2012, there was an article I foundin the Journal of Ethnopharmacology regarding different kinds of natural ingredients andtheir effectiveness against a whole range of different conditions. This journal articlestated that essential oils were very powerful in eradicating Candida biofilms. Biofilmsare something that Candida can produce inside

the body. We find them in different typesof Candida conditions. People who go to s can pick up biofilms from things like cathetersor prosthetic heart valves or various operations. Candida can get inside the body.Biofilms can be notoriously hard to eradicate, but the journal actually stated that someof the essential oils were used like clove, for example, and oregano can be more powerfulthan Amphotericin B and fluconazole, which are pharmaceutical drugs. Nature is very cleverhow she manufactures various chemical compounds. And unlike people in laboratories, these aren'tsynthetic ingredients. These are very complex organic compounds with many different structuresinside them. Nature also is very clever in

that it manufactures things to counter infectionsitself. If you look, traditionally in history howfor many hundreds of years people have used various different spices and herbs in cooking.There is no accident here. These weren't just put in for no reason. People actually includedthese in not just for flavor, but because they also knew that they had very powerfulantimicrobial, antifungal and antiparasitic qualities. People knew that when they flavoredmeats or foods with these spices and herbs containing essential oils that it would improvehow they felt, that it would get rid of gut problems and it would make them feel betterand increase their health and wellbeing.

If we look at clove in particular, clove hasbeen used now for about 600 years, if not longer, by many different people. In Hollandwhere I grew up, the Dutch brought clove back from the Spice Islands, Indonesia and theMalaccan Islands in these areas, since about the 1500s they brought these spices back.Many people have been using spices, in particularly, spice oils and spices for a long, long time.There's a whole wide range of essential oils that you can use for Candida. Some of thebest ones would include things like clove, oregano, tea tree, lemon grass, Patchouli,there's a whole wide range of essential oils that you can use internally and topically.You need to be very careful using essential

oils internally and only work with a qualifiedaroma therapist or a who really understands the use of essential oils internally.I've used certain types of extracts inside my Canxida Remove formula, 11 in fact now.I've just upgraded this product to 12 of the best antifungal ingredients, and there aresome particular types of oils in this. Oregano oil is used in this, but it's used in a verysafe way and mixed in with other antifungalantibacterial compounds.Try to incorporate some of these plants into your diet, oregano, clove, very good to putin. But any of the woody spices or herbs is good to put into your diet. Thyme is verygood to put into your diet as well. These

things contain many different compounds thatwill help to get rid of Candida in your body. Yes, Lisa, essential oils can be used verysuccessfully. I often recommend tea tree oil to be used topically on the skin. Read somemore of my information in my book, Candida Crusher, and also please check out yeastinfection ,and I think I've created some other tutorials regarding these compounds as well.Thank you for the question and thank you for tuning into my tutorial today.

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